Saturday, April 12, 2008

We'll miss you, Ray....

Looks like due to a large workload, my good friend and inker, Ray Snyder will not be attending New York Comic Con this year.
Gotta give it up to Ray---He's eating a fairly expensive plane ticket to make sure he gets his books inked. I pressured him to come any way, just 'cause David and I were looking forward to getting to see him, but in the end I realized I wasn't helping and stopped being a jerk about it. We'll miss you, Ray, and Kim as well...It won't be the same with out you.
THE GOOD NEWS FOR FANS OF SUPERGIRL: Here's the silver lining---Though I'm not selling any of my penciled pages or covers yet from our run on SUPERGIRL, I will be selling Ray's inked SUPERGIRL pages for him at the New York Comic Con, in an effort to help him recoup his losses from his unused plane ticket. Come by Artist's Alley and check 'em out! If you buy one of his pages, we can call Ray on my cell phone, put him on speaker and he can thank you personally. Well...He might be busy...We'll see.


Leonardo Di Biase said...

Bloody hell Drew, I thought Ray had died for a second when I saw that headline. Not cool!.

Pity he can't make the con, what a pro though, eh ?

Anj said...

Any thoughts on how much the pages will run?