Saturday, April 12, 2008

Now they can be shown...

Here's some of the design sketches that I did for the recent appearance of RESURRECTION MAN in SUPERGIRL #28---I didn't wanna let 'em out til the issue came out. Here they are---warts 'n all.
The head and shoulders shot is the second version that my editor and I liked. We came up with the idea that he cuts his own hair short, but each time he gets killed and is reborn, his hair grows back out again---Hence the scene in the desert. Also, note the facial tattoo---It's an uruboros (dunno if I spelled that correctly...), symbolizing rebirth. We wanted to give him a little bit of a new look for his re-emergence onto the scene, but alas---it was cut in the end.
I just finished my work on issue 29, which features more Rez Man. He's been rather fun to draw, and an interesting departure from some of the, well, tidier heroes I've drawn.

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spajadigit said...

Oh, I like this guy.