Saturday, April 26, 2008

New goings-on for the end of April

Just got back from a really great trip to New York Comic Con. That was a really great show. I think I may do that one now instead of San Diego. It's a bit less crowded and seems to focus more on comics. I noticed that all the editors that I'd been hoping to get to see were there, and they seemed a lot less over-worked than at SD, and more interested in chatting. I got some exciting business done, and hope to have some cool announcements in the next couple of months. Thanks to DC and Marvel for putting on some really nice parties, and thanks to Vince and Adam for having me at the DC signing on Sunday. Also, big thanks to Brian, Nora, Tim, Josh and Mike for having me at the Devil's Due signings each day of the show.
Also, a big thanks to my pal David Hahn for coming out to NYCC with me all the way from Portland. David, it was really fun to share a table with you buddy, and even better to just get to hang out with you again---It's been a long time.
*NEWS OF THE RAY* Ray Snyder stayed home from NYCC and worked. I'm sorry to report that he did that around regular trips to the hospital to visit his brother, who fell from a roof and pretty well shattered his leg and foot, as well as his mother, who suffered a light stroke. Hope they're both doing better, Ray.
*New Link!* If you look over in the Links column, you'll see inker Marc Deering's blog link. Marc inked penciller Lee Ferguson when he filled in on Supergirl #26 while I was recovering from my Appendectomy. They did a great job in not much time--Big thanks to them! Check out Marc's blog---He does nice work, and he has a great group of links.


Anonymous said...

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Leonardo Di Biase said...

Hi Drew,

I think you need to fix the new link - you've put an extra 'http:' into it.

Glad you enjoyed NYCC, sounded very cool.

Very sorry to hear Ray's family is having a bad time of things though.

Rich Faber said...


Dude! I hadn't checked your blog in an age, and was shocked... SHOCKED to find that not only have you updated it, but you're posting regularly! Cool! I'll add you to the links on my blog.

It was great to see you in New York. I wish we'd had a chance to hang out more,but I'm glad we at least got to talk for a while. Talk to you soon, buddy!