Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Now it can be shown, part 2

Over on my Comic Art Fans site, you can see an alternative costume that I designed for Supergirl before I started my run. It didn't fare that well--There was more interest in a more conservative look, recalling that Supergirl is, well, 16. I think like a lot of folks, I forgot that for a moment when I was doing that first design.
Here's the second design I did, and for a little while, It looked like it might get accepted. In the end, I'm sorry to say, it didn't.
I'm putting it up for public consideration, and to see if I was totally full of it or not for thinking that it was cool.


Anj said...

Well I like it for a number of reasons.

1) No belly shirt.

2) I am a big fan of a huge S-Shield for all the 'supers'. I think it should dominate the shirt, not be a little logo.

3) The 'shoulders forming the corner of the S-symbol' is reminiscent of the Crisis era Kara with the red shoulders, a nice homage.

As I have said before, I think your Supergirl was spectacular. Sad to see you go.


spajadigit said...

Are you kidding? It looks awesome! I agree with anj- the huge shield is super cool.

Anj said...


Would it be okay if I posted this pic on my Supergirl blog, with pretty much the same comments I made here?


Drew Johnson said...

Sure, Anj--if you wouldn't mind plugging my blog so folks'll come over here to check out the rest of the Supergirl art I've posted:)


Anj said...

thanks so much ...

link added ... as well as some commentary

CHRISs! said...

I think the design is awesome. So sad DC turned it down, but whatever they clearly make the worse decisions when it comes to Supergirl.

Hopefully they'll consider your design at some point! Great job.

PulseJenC said...

Nice! I'd like to interview you at THE PULSE if you're interested :)

email me jencomx3 @ if you would do an interview :)


Drew Johnson said...

I'd be happy to do an interview, Jen. I emailed you the other day, but figured I'd post it here too in case you didn't get it.

Leonardo Di Biase said...

Yep, that design would've worked well. It's a pity DC weren't feeling adventurous enough to let you run with it.