Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Good Night, Kara Zor-El!

DEPT. OF BIG ANNOUNCEMENTS! I've tendered my resignation from monthly penciling duties on DC's SUPERGIRL.
If you're a regular reader of this blog, you know that Karen and I are expecting our first offspring soon. I figured that if I go ahead and wrap up my work on SUPERGIRL by June, then I can have a month to work on my graphic novel, THE BLACK LAKE, before our baby arrives in July. I'm planning a four month hiatus from regular comic work to learn to tackle the challenges of being a new dad and to finish work on penciling THE BLACK LAKE. Look for further announcements regarding THE BLACK LAKE to be posted here in the near future.
BIG HUGE THANKS to everyone who has supported my work on SUPERGIRL. It's been a tough run, but I had a great time. Thanks to my editor, Matt Idelson, and to Tom Palmer Jr and Nachie Castro. I've loved working with you guys and hope we get to work together again soon. Thanks, too, to my great friend and inker, Ray Snyder. Thanks for putting up with my usual crazy crap, and thanks for doing such lovely work over my scribbles. Can't wait to see what we do on THE BLACK LAKE and beyond.
And of course, the BIGGEST THANKS to my wife Karen, for all of her love and support, and for being the coolest soon-to-be mom ever to walk the Earth.


Anj said...

Boy ... that is lousy news.

I have really liked your take on Kara.

Best of luck.

Leonardo Di Biase said...

Sad to see you leave Supergirl but really looking forward to finally seeing Black Lake.

Good luck with that!..and the baby of course.

Matt76 said...

Mr. Johnson,
I have always liked your artwork and your run on Supergirl was no exception, but if this allows you time to spend with your child then best of luck. The same goes for your "Black Lake" graphic novel. I always like it when a creator goes out and produces their own creation, to me it adds diversity to the field of comic books. Hey, maybe this will lead to you and Dan Jolley doing a "Bloodhound" graphic novel. Nothing against Don Kramer, but I was a little disappointed that you didn't do the artwork for it.
Best of luck to you.