Saturday, March 29, 2008

Look what I found!

I was looking for something in my portfolio file the other day and unearthed this Wonder Woman panel that I had saved during my work on Jody Picoult's run on WW. It's one of my favorite shots that I've drawn of her--from the pencils from issue six, panel 1.
Just thought I'd throw it up here for any fans of my Wonder Woman stuff that might be lurking around out there. I love all three of you.


Stanley said...

Wow! Drew, you make the Amazing Amazon look like everything she should be! Tall, regal, powerful and beautiful! I miss the old symbol but your style makes the new duds likeable!

Leonardo Di Biase said...

Nice to see that image again and one of my favourites too, but what do you mean you kept the panel ?!, does the art board have a big hole cut out of it now ? ;)

Nathan T said...

And I guess I'm the third! I still think your run with Greg Rucka is the best the book has ever been.

I'm also going to be at NYCC, are you doing an advanced sketch list for it at all? Either way, hope to catch you there!

HartCactus said...


Nice one buddy!