Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Dave Stevens died recently

I know I'm late in saying something about this. I don't handle death well, so these things can take me a while. Heck, I'm still trying to figure out what to say about 'Ringo's death. All I can think of is what a great guy he was the few times that I got to hang out with him.
Unfortunately, I never even got to hang out with Dave Stevens. I thought I might someday---It's a small industry. I was crossing my fingers. I'm really sad that now I won't get that chance to meet him. Dave was one of my biggest inspirations in the way that I draw and in the kind of stories that I'm interested in telling. I dunno that knowing that would have been a big deal to him, but I wish I could've told him sometime.
You know what's great, though? We can visit great artists--great storytellers like Mike and like Dave any time through their work. We can go back and re-read The Rocketeer or Tellos and see what those guys wanted to share with us. What they wanted to dazzle us with. Every time we look at their work, we will remember why we miss them, and enjoy what part of themselves they've left for us. Forever. I take comfort in that idea.

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Leonardo Di Biase said...

What can one add to that other than to say what a tragic loss. A sad day.