Thursday, August 28, 2008

HACK/SLASH #18 Cover-The process part 2

Check out the MANY differences in the pencils that you see here versus the original layout. I was happy with the pose, but when I got to drawing the actual cover---I started to kinda see a mini movie of the scene in my head--Cassie in the sewers, repeatedly attacked and slashed at by the crazed killer that's reflected in her knife. The sewer background felt right to me instead of the checker board background in the layout--Horror and action movies seem to have a tendency to have their climaxes in old factories, steel mills, or sewers...Not so much on checker boards...Also, I changed the gloves from the layouts to bandages in the final piece, and added many more injuries. Cassie chases slashers, and from reading the HACK/SLASH Omnibus that Tim Seeley gave me, I saw that she tends to get in a little over her head sometimes. I thought the whole "Hunter becomes Hunted" idea might work well, and that became the story I wanted to tell with this cover.

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