Sunday, April 29, 2012

Been A While....

Finally nearing the end of the fourth issue of my upcoming creator-owned series, MIDNIGHT SOCIETY. Stay tuned for more announcements about the book as we get closer to soliciting it. I've been at work on this project for the last couple of years--Answering the question that someone might have asked somewhere at some point: "What has Drew Johnson been doing?" I really didn't leave comics to become a sheep herder in Lower Slobovia....Even though that IS a respectable profession. Just to keep some of my art work visible in the world, here's a warm up piece I drew last week. I worked on it for about an hour a day, 'til it was done. It's drawn on DC Comics cover board, so it's a little bigger than 11x17. As usual, I drew it with a ridiculously sharp pointed 4H pencil. I'll try not to be so long between blog posts next time.

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