Monday, August 09, 2010

Step By Step: Commission

Here's step one of a new commission I've started. It's of Tara Chace from the Oni Press comic, Queen & Country.
This is my initial underdrawing that I did on a piece of typing paper---really just hacking out the pose and the plan for the background on a separate piece of paper in order to avoid ruining my bristol board with a ton of erasure.
I scanned in the initial drawing and worked out some anatomy mistakes by messing with 'em on the computer a little. Next, I'll light box it to the actual art board, where it'll be worked out some more.
As far as the pose, I wanted to do something unusual with a commission of the character. I google image searched Tara Chace, and most of the time, folks seem to draw her in a standing pose, wearing her regular outfit, and holding a rifle. I wanted to try and capture a story moment, a good "spy moment", where she's pulling a pistol from under her pillow on an assassin trying to sneak in her window.
I'll post the next step soon, and take it all the way through the finished piece.

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