Tuesday, February 17, 2009

In memory of a former studio mate

(From my journal at Deviantart.com)

Comic book inker Jim Royal died recently. We were studio mates at Jolly Roger Studio back in Macon, Georgia for a couple of years.
I have to be honest---Jim and I didn't always get along, and I can't say that we were close friends. I can say that he could be funny as hell, and he sure made me laugh sometimes. His James Mason impression was spot-on and just broke me up every time he did it. All of us at Jolly Roger enjoyed drinking and laughing together at Tony's house on the weekends, or at cons, and Jim was almost always instrumental those good times.
In the end, the bad times overwhelmed the good between us and we moved on. While I never would have been able to be friends again with Jim, I am truly sorry that he's gone.
My dear friend and long-time inker, Ray Snyder called me a bit over a week ago and told me that Jim had died, and later that night, I poured some vodka and toasted my old acquaintance to wish him well, and to hope that he has found peace and calm seas.
Ray tells me that memorial services will be held in Atlanta, Georgia on Saturday. I wish his friends and family the best.

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