Monday, June 30, 2008

The Colonel arrives this week! Maybe!

The official due date for the Johnson offspring is July 3rd---So it seems The Colonel could be greeting the outside world any day now! Karen and I are bouncing between excited and terrified.
Why is our baby currently known as "The Colonel"? It's a name idea I came up with for David Hahn's daughter, Cleo before she was born. Rightly, David and Robbyn chose not to go with it---But I stand by the name. Think about it: The teacher in elementary school asking the other students--"Is The Colonel back from recess yet?"--Future co-workers asking each other, "Well, what does The Colonel think about all of this?" It's a name that continually demands respect.
So while our parents would probably kill us both if we actually went with "The Colonel Johnson" as our baby's name, Karen and I have been enjoying using it as a place-holder name for the baby since we've decided not to learn if it's a boy or a girl 'til it's born. It's been pretty funny when friends and relatives call to ask, "How's The Colonel?"
I have a feeling it's gonna be hard to stop calling it that when it's born. I also suspect that I may just have to salute as The Colonel arrives finally for it's first inspection of our little family platoon.

(Photo of me & Karen by Sari Zimmerman)

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

June Update!

I have not fallen off the Earth! Been busy working on things I can't show off. I just finished work on my part of the GI Joe Movie Style Guide---Unfortunately, I won't be able to show that stuff off 'til after the movie is released...
I've also been at work on my graphic novella, The Black Lake this month. The script is complete and the entire book is laid out and ready to draw. I've penciled the first promo piece and Ray is inking it as I write this entry---Well, maybe not RIGHT now. Actually, he's probably asleep...Ol' Ray's getting up there in years....As soon as the promo art is finished, you'll see it here first folks.
Speaking of Ray Snyder---Everyone should be checking out his work with Yanick Paquette over on Marvel's Young X-Men. Yanick is one of the best artists working in comics today, and Ray makes his beautiful work look even prettier. Good book, guys!
One last note---I'm thinking about putting some of my Supergirl work up for sale. If anyone out there is looking to pick up any pages or covers from my recent run, just drop me a note at