Monday, June 30, 2008

The Colonel arrives this week! Maybe!

The official due date for the Johnson offspring is July 3rd---So it seems The Colonel could be greeting the outside world any day now! Karen and I are bouncing between excited and terrified.
Why is our baby currently known as "The Colonel"? It's a name idea I came up with for David Hahn's daughter, Cleo before she was born. Rightly, David and Robbyn chose not to go with it---But I stand by the name. Think about it: The teacher in elementary school asking the other students--"Is The Colonel back from recess yet?"--Future co-workers asking each other, "Well, what does The Colonel think about all of this?" It's a name that continually demands respect.
So while our parents would probably kill us both if we actually went with "The Colonel Johnson" as our baby's name, Karen and I have been enjoying using it as a place-holder name for the baby since we've decided not to learn if it's a boy or a girl 'til it's born. It's been pretty funny when friends and relatives call to ask, "How's The Colonel?"
I have a feeling it's gonna be hard to stop calling it that when it's born. I also suspect that I may just have to salute as The Colonel arrives finally for it's first inspection of our little family platoon.

(Photo of me & Karen by Sari Zimmerman)


spajadigit said...

Great picture, even cooler origin story. I have something else for you guys that I will try and bring over this week.

Oh, and Wall*E was a lot of fun! I even wrote a review of it on my blog!

mishka said...

Hey there! Best wishes for a perfect delivery and a perfect baby! I can't wait to see the first photos!!
*hugs* to you both!

Leonardo Di Biase said...

Good luck to you both!. And good luck to 'The Colonel' of course.


Rich Faber said...

So, Drew. Are you a Daddy yet...? I'd call, but I know how those first few weeks can be. Call or 'e' me when you can. Good luck!