Thursday, February 28, 2008

Look over there!

Just posted the inked cover to the upcoming Supergirl #29 over on my gallery at It's one of my very favorite pieces that Ray and I have done together. Also, just wait til you see the colors. Brad Anderson is absolutely great at what he does.
My gallery is under Johnson, Drew, if you'd like to check it out. Sometime soon, I'm gonna start posting links on this blog. Stay tuned.
I'll be posting different art both here and at my CAF gallery, so keep an eye on both spots if you should wonder what I'm up to....

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Supergirl #28 Preview shots

Here are a couple of Supergirl shots from my work on SG #28. It's gonna be a fun issue!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Dept. of Big Thank Yous

BIG THANKS to everyone at METROPOLIS COMICS in Bellflower, CA for having me and Karen as guests at their "I Love Comics" Event on Feb 9th. We had a really good time meeting everyone there, and we thoroughly enjoyed our customized Moon Pies during the car ride home.
BIG THANKS to JOHN HIGASHI for coming out to see us at the Metropolis event and for giving us that fabulous autographed "Hero Bear and the Kid" book. It was great to see you, John.
I know these BIG THANKS are a little late in getting announced, but hey, I just started this thing up again....

Sunday, February 17, 2008

What I'm working on....

SUPERGIRL #28. It's coming due soon here, so my posts will be brief for a while. For all you nice folks who are ripping me a new one for how little I was able to work on the recently released #26: I can only apologize for my appendix's bad behavior. It had worked itself into a state and had to be removed. Heck of a way to spend New Years Day, lemme tell you.
SUPERGIRL #27 will feature a great looking fill-in by Rick Leonardi with page one by yours truly. SUPERGIRL #28 will feature an all-Drew issue at last. Hope you all like it, I'm having a lot of fun drawing it.
ALSO---Look for the upcoming NY ComicCon Cover for GI Joe featuring The Baroness and Destro that Ray and I just finished. It was a heck of a lotta fun, and we'll be signing it at the Devil's Due Booth at the NYCC. Also, look for us in Artist's Alley with our good buddy, David Hahn.
FINALLY, to settle a controversy I've heard about lately: In SUPERGIRL #23---In the panel where she's flying up to the tesseract and you can kinda see up her skirt---Folks, she's wearing shorts under there. Brad just colored 'em kinda grayish and it looks like shading. Refer too all of my previous Girl illustration in comics. I'm no perv.

Here we go again

So, I've left off this thing for years...Just not much of a "Blogger", I suppose. However, since I'm so lame as to have avoided getting a web site, I realized this could pretty well fit the bill for alerting the public to my current art projects, and to show around the occasional bit of artwork.
Check back now and again, and I'll do my level best to add something new every few days. Really.